Protect Your Hair This Summer! Learn 7 Essential Hair Care Tips
Summer is coming. The heat and humidity will take a toll on hair, so adjust your hair support regimen for the best results.
by Oxford Biolabs
Summer is the time for picnics, going on vacation, and enjoying the sun in general. When the sun starts blazing hotter and longer, it can damage hair and skin. On those hot summer days people protect their skin, but they often forget about their hair. 
On top of the hair-frying UV rays, chlorine and saltwater damage sap moisture from one’s precious locks, making hair limp and stripped of natural oils. This is particularly important for those already suffering from hair thinning and loss, because their hair is already weakened.
Follow these simple tips to keep hair moisturised, bouncy, and gorgeous this summer.
1.) Use hair products with UV protection
It is important to shield hair from harsh UV rays. To accomplish this, a special spray, gel, or cream can be used to protect the hair and scalp. The problem is that most of these hair sunscreens are filled with chemicals, which may irritate the scalp. 
Natural solutions include oils, moisturising spritzes, and TRX2® Advanced Care Hair Thickening & Styling Cream , which is designed for instant volume and locked-in moisture.
2.) Hats on!
Wearing a hat or headscarf offers additional UV protection, and simultaneously helps keep moisture in. Head covers also lessen the effects of wind by helping avoid tangles and dry hair. They prevent sun damage and hair photoaging, a condition which causes hair to lighten and fade out in the sun. 
Hats are one of the best ways people experiencing hair loss can save their hair and their scalp skin from getting dry or sunburned. Whether hat or scarf, it is important to make sure that the material is natural, light, and breathable. 
3.) Get a new hairstyle and a trim
In the summer months, no matter how hard you try, hair may become drier and more vulnerable to external environmental factors . This leads to brittleness, hair fall, and split ends. To avoid this, a trim before summer freshens the hair and is a great way to get in the mood for summertime outings. 
Most people are laid back and relaxed this time of year, and hairdos should reflect that. Instead of high and tight hairstyles, which can stress and even break the hair follicles, opt for loose braids, ponytails, and up-dos. These styles help control frizz and prevent sun damage. Obviously, hair elastics and metal hair fasteners are a no-no. 
4.) Swimmer’s hair? No problem
There’s only one good way to cool off in the summer heat. Jump into a pool! Or if you’re lucky, take a dip in the salty brine of the sea.  
Hair is like a sponge, so it absorbs moisture and any residue or chemicals present in water. Exposure to chlorine dries out hair, and for people with light-colored hair, it can acquire a greenish tinge. A quick rinse before and after getting in the water will prevent hair from absorbing pool chemicals and washes away any build-up. Hair products specifically designed for swimmers are also available, though they carry a hefty price tag.
Wearing a swim cap is a great way to protect against chlorine and saltwater, but not an option for most because of aesthetic reasons.
5.) Shampoo and condition
Keeping hair clean and moisturised is the top priority in summer. Many are inclined to wash their hair more frequently, but this can be detrimental to natural protective oils in hair. Experts agree that a natural or homemade dry shampoo is the best option if there’s a lot of grease build-up.    
The above, and a proper hair regimen with deep conditioning will keep hair hydrated and lively. Apply a leave-in conditioner before hanging out in the scorching sun, and rinse it off at the end of the day. 
6.) Beat dry hair with a refreshing oil rinse
Oil rinses are easy, just apply coconut or another oil, and let it sit for a while (up to 20 minutes), then rinse it off. After rinsing, hair will be moisturised and much softer. Oil also helps with frizzing, and will add that extra bit of shine for a sleek, summertime look. 
Optionally, hair can be conditioned after rinsing off the oil to bring hair to the next level. 
7.) Knock the heat down a notch and get a proper comb
Generally, blow dryers should not be used to dry hair, especially in the summer. Instead of flat and curling irons, hair can be put up in a loose braid or ponytail before bed. The result will be a fabulous beach wave - the perfect, natural look.
A wide-toothed comb works best for tangled hair. It won’t cause breakage and is more gentle on wet hair. Use it together with an oil rinse to end frizz and make hair shiny.
Natural summer hair care tips
According to studies , hair is an important natural protective agent against UV radiation, so for people experiencing hair thinning and loss, their skin and hair could be in danger. People with healthy hair can also have hair fall in the summertime if they don’t adjust their haircare routines. 
If one is already prone to hair thinning and loss, taking extra care to protect against UV-rays, chlorine, and other damaging factors will go a long way in maintaining healthy, vibrant hair.
To keep hair visibly thicker and noticeably more hydrated in the summer, try TRX2® Advanced Care Hair Thickening & Styling Cream !