What is the keto diet and is it right for you?

by Oxford Biolabs
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How to Protect Your Skin from a Polluted Environment

It would seem the whole world only recently woke to the fact that pollution, especially in the cities, is harmful not only to our lungs but also to...

Principles of Healthy Skincare

The appearance of the skin can greatly affect our psychological and emotional wellbeing. Unless there is a pre-existing skin condition, one of the first signs of change in the appearance of skin that people notice is ageing.

Top 5 Mood-Boosting Meals to Eat in Spring

Top 5 Mood-Boosting Meals to Eat in Spring. Eating has many more effects on our body than simply satiating our hunger and giving us energy. Some foods don’t give us much energy at all, and others still have a detrimental affect on both the body and mind. 

Unwanted Hair Removal in Your Home Beauty Studio

During these unprecedented times it is safer to carry out your beauty procedures, such as unwanted hair removal, at home. So let’s make a beauty studio at home!

The Diet during Menopause

The shifty moods, hot flushes, weight gains, night sweats, and libido loss can be overwhelming to some women during perimenopause and menopause. Th...

How to Choose the Right Shampoo for your Hair Type

Choosing the right shampoo for your hair type is important for keeping your hair in optimum condition – but of course it’s not always totally obvious which shampoo is best for your hair type. Nevertheless, since healthy looking hair starts in the shower, you’ll want to be sure you’re hopping in with the hair products that suit you best.

Are You Losing Your Eyelashes? Why Makeup Could Be The Reason…

Most of us are familiar with the kind of tiredness that convinces us it’s fine to sleep with our mascara on now and then. Trudging to the bathroom for the nightly cleansing routine may not always feel viable, but what if this is the reason you are losing eyelashes? 

How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise Regularly

Are you wondering how to motivate yourself to exercise regularly? Firstly, know that it’s totally normal for your motivation to ebb and flow in all areas of life, but it’s surprisingly easy to lose your precious fitness mojo.

The problem is that true fitness is one of those things that can feel hard to establish but so easy to lose.