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Make people feel more confident about themselves to live healthier, happier and richer lives.


We provide natural science-based products to enhance youthfulness, beauty, health, and well-being.


Oxford Biolabs’ mission builds upon truthfully engaging consumers with credible science. Oxford Biolabs is a product and brand creator and developer whose authentic ideas are marketed and distributed via its own website and carefully selected partners. We are committed to stand by our products and make no false promises.

  • Dr. Thomas Whitfield conducts breakthrough research around the role potassium channels play in hair growth

  • Oxford Biolabs® is founded with an aim to help people tackle signs of ageing with naturally-based scientific products

  • The TRX2® formula is perfected and TRX2® Molecular Food Supplement for Hair goes on sale to become the company’s flagship product

  • Oxford scientists complete first TRX2® Hair Supplement Clinical Study with overwhelmingly positive results

  • Office in Lviv, Ukraine opens to more efficiently manage the large growth in customers thanks to more widespread publicity

  • Office in Regensburg, Germany is opened dedicated to product development and scientific research

  • The TRX2® formula is used to develop Hair Revitalising Foam and Lotion. Melaniq® Food Supplement for Hair Pigmentation is developed and launched

  • Oxford Biolabs® reaches a milestone - TRX2® capsules sold to men and women in over 100 countries

  • Launch of DRM4® Molecular Food Supplement for Skin and TRX2® Thickening & Styling Cream, the first product in the Advanced Care Line

  • Launch of additional Advanced Care Line products, TRX2® Volumising Shampoo and TRX2® Bio-active Conditioner

Corporate Social Responsibility

Oxford Biolabs continuously implements its strategy based on scientifically tested, honest results and does not make unauthorised (illegitimate) health claims. The company actively complies with the law, exceeds ethical standards and international norms of credible science and marketing. Our professionals maintain Corporate Social Responsibility by means of adopting a customer-oriented approach to the products delivered.

Oxford Biolabs values corporate integrity rooted in science and respects the subjective effects and results of using their products. Oxford Biolabs takes customer feedback very seriously, and prides itself on maintaining healthy customer-company relationships with everyone of its clients.

Environmental Responsibility

At Oxford Biolabs, our environmental responsibility is taken seriously. As a result, we aim for all our ingredients to be naturally-based, containing no harmful agents towards people or the environment. In addition, all of our product packaging complies to European Union standards and are recyclable, something which we urge our customers to do once finishing their respective product.

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“We've been working together with Oxford Biolabs on two different market projects - both UK and China. I'm impressed by the company's vision and scientific approach"

Jim Xu, Oxford Consulting Initiative