TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion
TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion
TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion
TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion
TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion
TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion
TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion
TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion
TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion
TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion
TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion
TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion

TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion


TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion is being based on the same effective formula as the TRX2® capsules. It contains Potassium chloride, Carnipure™ tartrate (L-carnitine – L-tartrate), BCAA and niacin delivered via a proprietary potassium channel — stimulating complex. TRX2® Lotion also contains Biotin, which contributes to the maintenance of normal hair. TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion is a topical solution produced using naturally-based ingredients. It is developed for use on the scalp to nourish hair follicles.

  • Developed in Oxford
  • Product designed for those experiencing hair-loss and thinning (Norwood stages 1-4)
  • Includes nutrients which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair
  • Dermatologically tested. Free from synthetic fragrance and dyes
  • Not tested on animals
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Manufactured in Germany

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With an in-depth understanding of the science behind hair loss, and following an extended period of Oxford-based research, Oxford Biolabs® developed TRX2®, a naturally-based, scientifically-formulated molecular hair support regimen. Produced in Germany, and using high quality ingredients, this unique, drug-free regimen influences the functioning of hair follicles. It utilises the foremost understanding of potassium channels within hair follicles, an innovative approach developed by the Oxford Biolabs® team.


Potassium channels are small pore-forming protein structures that control the transport of nutrients across the hair follicle's cell membrane. As people experience hair loss, the function of potassium channels diminishes. The effect is an impaired membrane potential and interrupted transport of nutrients into the hair, resulting in shrinking follicles and thinning hair. TRX2® synthesizes the latest scientific knowledge on the molecular mechanisms with an aim to positively influence the functioning of hair follicles.

The daily intake of TRX2® will provide a combination of powerful nutritional stimulants (potassium, BCAA, nicotinamide) with a pure form of a naturally-generated substance (L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate) that stimulates the potassium ion channels within hair follicles. This technique helps to facilitate the entry of regulatory compounds and essential nutrients into the hair follicle membrane.



    • Visual improvements in hair texture and thickness.
    • Slow but steady hair improvement. For the majority of customers using TRX2®, the first stages of recovery become visible after 3-5 months and cosmetically significant results usually appear after 8-10 months. Particular results and response time may vary and are subject to your individual metabolism.
    • No major side effects. No hormone interference.


    • Overnight results. Using TRX2® regularly and over a prolonged period of time is critical to success.
    • TRX2® is a Hair Support Regimen specifically designed for men and women suffering from the early stages of hair loss (Norwood 1-4)*. The effects on more advanced stages of hair loss will be less pronounced.

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    • How long will it take to see results?
      • The outcome for individuals applying TRX2® topical solutions varies widely from person to person. For some individuals, first results appear as early as 12 weeks. For others, results are not apparent until 8-12 months after the initiation of consistent application of foam or lotion. However, for the majority of customers, first visible results can be expected after 5 months*.
    • Are TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Foam and TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Lotion developed for men and women?
      • Yes. Both topical solutions are designed equally for men and women.
    • Is there any difference between the two topical solutions (TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Foam and TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Lotion)?
      • TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Foam and TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Lotion are both applied directly to the scalp. Their formulation is based on the same active compounds and the same mechanism of penetration. The only differences between the foam and lotion are their texture and the method of application. The foam dispenser allows you to apply the foam in an easy, controlled manner, while the lotion dropper helps you to achieve more targeted application to the area of thinning hair.
    • How can I make a choice between TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Foam and TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Lotion?
      • Both new products are based on the same formula, which means that the same active ingredients are responsible for affecting on hair growth, act in the same way and are therefore equally effective. You can choose whichever product you prefer.
    • How long will one bottle of TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Foam or TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Lotion last?
      • Each bottle contains a one-month supply of topical solution, provided each is used according to the recommendations and directions of application.
    • Can I switch between TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Foam and TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Lotion?
      • Yes, you can easily switch between both products.
    • Can I use the foam and lotion at the same time?
      • Yes. You can switch between products during the same period of time, but please do not change the recommended dosage - twice a day (in the morning and in the evening). The combined dosage should not exceed a single recommended dosage. You will not see quicker results by using both products simultaneously or more frequently. In order to succeed it is important to use the product(s) over a prolonged period of time, consistently and according to the directions.
    • Can I combine TRX2® Molecular Food Supplement for Hair with TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Foam or TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Lotion?
      • Yes. You can take the food supplement while simultaneously using the foam or lotion. This helps to strengthen your thinning hair from the inside as well as from the outside.
    • Can I wash, style, dye or perm my hair as usual while using TRX2® Topical Solution?
      • Yes, you can follow your daily haircare regime while using the topical solution, provided this is not harmful to your hair or scalp. Please make sure you follow the recommendations about TRX2® product usage. Leaving the product on the scalp over the night/day is recommended.
    • Can the condition of my hair be affected while using TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Foam or TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Lotion?
      • The TRX2® topical solutions have non-sticky (foam) and non-greasy (lotion) formulas. Provided you follow our directions, the products will not affect the condition of your hair.
    • Can this product harm the skin of my scalp?
      • The product has been designed with great care. Dermatological testing has proven it to be harmless.
    • At what age can I start using TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Foam or TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Lotion?
      • Adults (over the age of 18) can use TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Foam or TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Lotion whatever their age.
    • How should I apply TRX2® Lotion?
      • When using TRX2® Lotion for the first time, remove the cap. Insert the dropper into the bottle. Squeeze the bulb and release it, while the dropper fills with 1 ml of the lotion. Part your dry (or towel dry) hair in the affected area. Apply the lotion directly to the part of the scalp you want to treat, using the tip of the dropper. Squeeze the bulb slowly to gradually release the solution. Apply small amounts of solution to prevent it from running off the scalp. Use your fingers to massage TRX2® Lotion into the scalp. Wash your hands well afterwards. Blow-dry or style your hair only after the lotion has completely absorbed into your scalp. Allow enough time to dry your hair before going to bed. Allow TRX2® Lotion to stay on your scalp for a few hours before washing your hair. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with cool water. Apply TRX2® Lotion twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. To ensure long-term results, use TRX2® Lotion consistently, over a prolonged period of time, as part of your daily routine, and apply it properly.
    • How should I store TRX2® lotion?
      • TRX2 lotion should be protected from sunlight. Store it at room temperature. Keep it out of the reach of children.