Brush FAQ

  • What type of hair is this brush the best for?
    • This brush can be used for both long and short hair. Its qualities are particularly beneficial for thick, long hair as the special quills keep hair soft and untangled
  • How do IONs stimulate and affect hair growth?
    • An ion is an atom that has lost or gained one electron making it negatively or positively charged. Volcanic Andosite quartz crystals, emit negative ions and when added to resin, can be formed into brushes. this produces brush quills that have a safe natural energy when used in brushing. The capillary vessels become stimulated and the cuticle layer is tightened which seals in natural oils and leave the hair soft and vitalised. The quills on this brush contain natural energy from Andosite quartz.This energy produces negative ions which have beneficial properties to condition, stimulate, protect and promote healthy hair growth.