The pandemic outbreak has rapidly changed the way we live and work, and brought with it new pressures. As humans age, the risk and severity of infections vary in line with immune competence depending on how the immune system develops, matures, and declines. Several factors influence the immune system and its competence, including diet and nutrition.

Epidemics are not new to the scientific community and for the last 500 years they have ravaged humanity from time to time. Oxford Biolabs® scientists together with its Founder and Biologist Dr. Thomas Whitfield have joined the world society in the global fight against the viruses and bacteria which currently more actively attack us. Social distancing, regular hand washing and disinfection are proven methods of reducing the risk and spread of the viruses. We should always bear in mind the importance of the proper functioning of the immune system during these uncertain times.

Dr. Thomas Whitfield talks about Oxford Biolabs® Biologist & Founder of Oxford Biolabs®

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The patent-pending formulation contributes to the normal functioning of the body’s resistance to infections
Designed to support the functioning of the immune system
Helps to protect the body from viruses, bacteria and inflammations
Free from artificial flavours and dyes
Developed in Oxford, UK, manufactured in Germany
Suitable for vegans

not tested on animals
Elder Craft


As a result of understanding the importance of the proper functioning of the immune system, we started the development process of the new immune supporting supplement long before the global situation became so critical. Using only the latest knowledge, we have been able to develop a superior formula that is 100% pure and naturally-based. 


Oxford Biolabs® Molecular Food Supplement IMMUNE+ is formulated to strengthen the immune system and help prevent it from viral infection or ameliorate their consequences. It is a thoroughly considered complex of minerals, vitamins and plant extracts, which aims to improve the natural immune function and strengthen the body’s defence against contagion. Oxford Biolabs products are primarily intended for the prevention of HAIR LOSS, HAIR GREYING and SKIN AGEING, but they also have a number of secondary IMMUNE SYSTEM supporting features.

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