Why Biotin is not enough for hair growth

Biotin is beneficial for beautiful hair, skin, and nails, but is it enough to help with hair growth? A multifaceted approach to hair loss is the only way to ensure hair is healthy and strong.
by Oxford Biolabs
Healthy hair depends on things we can control, like diet and stress, and things we can’t, like genetics. 
Like many biological processes, hair growth requires a steady flow of nutrients that activate and promote hair growth. In recent years, biotin supplements have become very popular among those suffering hair thinning, brittleness, and lack of lustre. Nutrition, without a doubt, affects hair, and biotin is just one small part, but is it all we need for thick, strong hair?
Biotin is important, but it’s not enough
Biotin is an essential B vitamin that is proven to improve protein synthesis vital for healthy hair, skin, and nails. It was previously thought that few people become deficient in biotin, but new research has shown stunning evidence that up to 38% of women seeking help for hair loss had biotin levels consistent with biotin deficiency.
So it is important to have enough biotin, but what about the 62% of women in the study who were not deficient?
It could be a lack of micro-elements like zinc, niacin, or selenium, combined with poorly functioning potassium channels in hair follicles. Biotin will have an effect, but it won't be as pronounced on its own. 
Biotin as a component of complex food supplements
Buying expensive biotin supplements probably will not have the miraculous effect most people seek. This is in part due to the complexity of hair growth, which requires certain nutrients and conditions. And for people looking for 100% natural solutions to hair loss, biotin boasts a number of benefits, but it’s not enough for most. Moreover, using just biotin for years on end is a recipe for lost time and lost hair because it doesn’t work very well on its own. 
For a simple analogy, biotin is like a narrow-spectrum antibiotic, and food supplements like TRX2®, that contain a proprietary hair growth formula, can be considered broad-spectrum. Tackling the problem with the help of TRX2® makes more sense because as discussed previously, hair thinning and loss are caused by multiple factors.
When biotin is combined with other vital nutrients like amino acids, particularly BCAAs(branched-chain amino acids), and other vitamins and minerals, it produces better results and is more effective in promoting hair growth. This is achieved by creating a synergy through which every component works together and not against each other. If the proportions are unbalanced, this can actually be detrimental to hair growth.
Some may think it would make sense to just buy every supplement separately and experiment with dosage, but how does one know how much to take of each substance?
A potent, proven formula for maximum results
Potassium chloride, L-carnitine-L-tartrate , BCAAs, niacin , zinc, biotin and selenium all work in conjunction to improve blood flow to hair follicles, effectively opening the gates to nutrients and micro-elements. Once those nutrients reach their destination, they start stimulating and activating biological mechanisms that will have hair growth firing on all cylinders. 
Every single component in TRX2® is backed by science and studies that show the significant positive effects they have. Most importantly, Oxford Biolabs® scientists derived the most effective dosages and combination of ingredients that will give people the help they need for a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy hair. 
Take the scientific approach to tackling hair loss with TRX2® !